Which eyeliner is the best liquid pencil or gel?


When it comes to eyeliners, surely gel eyeliner is a clear winner, as compared to its other alternatives. As they are more versatile and easy to use. Adding on gives us a more natural look for any occasion. Choosing the best gel eyeliner pencil according to our need is a critical task to achieve.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best gel eyeliner pencils

Bobbi-brown gel pencil

It is a gel-based formula which stays for a most extended period on the skin with us. This product is sweat, water, and humid proof. But this product comes with mixed reviews from the market.

Pros of Bobbi-brown pencil                                                        


Fade free

Suitable for sensitive skin



Difficult in removing

Additional expenses for brushes.

Reviews of Bobbi-brown pencil- this is oil-based so that’s why it can last long more than compared with its alternatives. And can give more results …